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Beauty School Dropout: Soaper Duper body butter

Nice weather we’re having. There’s nothing like a Baltic squall to make Beauty School Dropout’s skin feel reptilian. Parched. Dry patches. Itchy legs. Lizard-like from head to toe. Which is not good for self-esteem.

But the thing about body lotions is this:

  1. They can be stupidly expensive when in fact, we need to use as much as… we need to use. Body lotion is the olive oil of the bathroom – we must feel liberated to liberally spray it wherever it might do some good.
  2. They don’t sink in. So you stand there all slimy and shivery, waiting and waiting. But not waiting quite long enough that you don’t stick to your clothes, slightly staining them along the way. Hey ho.

Say hello to my little friend: Soaper Duper’s Nourishing Coconut Body Butter. This range springs from the loins (!) of game-changing beauty entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore (Bliss, Soap & Glory and most lately and disruptively, the extraordinary Beauty Pie) and it is all-natural and all virtuous – the pale green packaging is courtesy of recycled semi-skimmed milk bottle tops.

The new Coconut flavour is green and light and rich but easily absorbed. Beauty School Dropout is also fanatical about the tangy Passionfruit body wash. And it’s all dead cheap. So you won’t be scaly or poor or chemically compromised or going to hell for destroying the planet. That’s surely a win.

Soaper Duper, Nourishing Coconut Body Butter, 250ml, £7.50

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