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Beauty School Dropout: Sarah Chapman Skinesis mask

Beauty School Dropout is always trying new things. Sexually. Not really. Facially. For her benefit and for yours. So the other day she tried a new active skin system stuffed full of retinoids and peptides and AHAs and BHAs and some of the tubes had ‘peel’ written on them. So that was exciting. Until the next morning when BSD’s face started to fall off and sting and flake and went red and hurt. Not in a therapeutic way. In a ‘something’s gone wrong’ way. Obviously she had a thing to go to that evening. Obviously.

And so she turned, as she often does when the facial chips are down, to a sheet mask – that cooling layer of product infused fabric that can make tired-looking defeated complexions behave. Even if only for a night. Would they work, she wondered, on inflammation and distress?

Sarah Chapman’s products generally tread the delicate line between active and soothing so it was her 3D Moisture Infusion Bio-Cellulose mask that was wheeled out for this mini-crisis. It didn’t sting, it cooled everything down, it pumped hydration through the traumatised dermis, calming everything the hell down. Getting her skin to the point where she could put on meaningful make-up and forget that there was ever a problem… If only Sarah Chapman made an emotional sheet mask. If only…

Sarah Chapman Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Mask, 4 packs, £43

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