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Beauty School Dropout: Sand & Sky pink clay

The thing is, Beauty School Dropout is not 23. But last weekend she pretended to be 23. She drank like she was 23, smoked like she was 23, ate everything, slept not much and basically… hmmmmm… what’s the word. Raved. And so, on the Monday, she looked raving mad and raving old and raving clogged and blotchy and terrible. So terrible. There was no pretending that her face had got away with this.

You may have notice Sand&Sky’s Australian Pink Clay mask stalking you on social media. It has certainly been stalking BSD. Annoying. So much hype. Probably rubbish. Go away.

Turns out it’s a face-saver. At £39.90 it’s steep but it comes with a brush so you can paint it on thinly and get perhaps 12 masks out of the tub. It goes on mauvely muddy and dries to a pale grey before you wipe it off with your hot cloth to reveal… well, maybe not 23-year-old skin but fresh, smooth, unblocked pores and improved texture. It cancelled out the excesses of the weekend as far as the complexion was concerned. The liver? Not so much. #theshame

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