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Beauty School Dropout: RapidLash

Beauty School Dropout is going to put herself on the line here and tell you once and for all that she does not approve of fake eyelashes. Skilfully applied for a big party? Brilliant. Attached to your own lashes and expected to hang out there for two months? Not good. Never good. First of all, like hair extensions, they are addictive so, very quickly, one feels naked and ‘eyeless’ without them. Secondly they never look even vaguely natural. They look spidery and mad. And lastly, when they fall off, they are highly likely to take your own lashes with them.

Which is why you need RapidLash. You need it if you are addicted to the fakes to help salvage your natural lashes. And, if you have resisted the falsey trend, then you need it to nurture your lashes. Because it works. Painted along the upper lash line once a day you will see, after a month or so, an unmistakably exaggerated flutter. Longer, thicker, glossier. It’s the peptides and the Biotin. Remarkable. And cheaper than the glue-ons.

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum, £41

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