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Beauty School Dropout: Pure day cream

It’s a fine balance: a day cream that rehydrates after the night-time cellular athletics (skin repairs itself as you sleep, clever it) and the morning cleanse (we really do need to cleanse in the morning to slough off the dead cells. Sexy), but doesn’t take eons to soak in. Because that just makes us sweaty and shiny.

Beauty School Dropout likes to use a really active serum and then a simple moisturiser, uncomplicated by SPF (that goes on separately), that isn’t too posh to plonk on the face with gay abandon. Pure is an M&S Beauty home brand which BSD didn’t realise when she started whacking it on because she is in autopilot much of the time. First of all it’s £16. Second of all it’s largely natural. Third of all it feels nice and smells nice and makes the face feel fresh. And softy.

Marks & Spencer Pure, Marine Active Day Cream, 50ml, £16

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