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Beauty School Dropout: Percy&Reed root lift mousse

Who knew that Beauty School Dropout would go all 1989 and dive into hair mousse? Perhaps your memory of mousse, like BSD’s, is rather crunchy and scrunchy and unsatisfactory? Ah, but formulas now are not what they once were and, sometimes, if weather is wet and hair is fine and lank and prone to bad behaviour, your year-round volumising tonic simply doesn’t have the might to last the night.

Percy & Reed’s new Up, Up & Away Root Lift Mousse is a featherweight, spray-to-foam formula that gives body without stiffness. And, with the help of a bit of dry shampoo, it keeps you going for a few days. There are various tips and tricks when it comes to reinvigorating your relationship with mousse. Just to make sure that everyone can get it up:

  • When you apply the mousse to towel-dried hair it will make it sopping again. So BSD’s advice is to re-towel dry hair after you squirt the mousse on so it doesn’t take three million years to blow-dry. By the way, you must blow-dry. If you air-dry you will get crunch.
  • When blow-drying, use a round brush – with mousse you need to shape your hair or it sort of… sticks. As though you’ve dipped it in sugar. A round brush will soften everything up so it looks bouncy rather than sticky-outy.
  • Received wisdom is to apply mousse to roots only. Hmmm. If your hair is fine then that means the roots will have a different texture to the rest of the hair. Spray it all over and comb through for a convincingly fuller barnet.
  • BUT if you want to be cunning, you can wait until your hair is nearly dry and then whack an extra dose on the roots.
  • Then a bit of back-combing and then hair spray. Look at that sensational mane! Now you can have a well-earned drink.

Percy & Reed Up, Up & Away Root Lift Mousse, 200ml, £15

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