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Beauty School Dropout: Paula’s choice liquid exfoliant

It’s all about skin texture – in the end. You know it is. Crepiness and blotchiness and crater-like pores and dry patches are the enemy of looking good. You can pile on whatever you like whenever you like, but if the canvas is inhospitable then… good luck with that.

We think it is all about moisturiser. We slather it on, we wait for it to soak in and… what? Still dry? Still inflamed? How so? And thus, over a period of years, we learn that it is not all about moisturiser. And then we panic. PANIC.

If it is about anything, it is about exfoliation. Not scrubbing so much as harnessing a targeted acid to nibble away at dead skin cells, to encourage pores to shrink, to unclog blackheads (fake tan is a huge bore when it comes to blackheads) and to reduce redness. Start easy, you can’t dive straight in to a full-strength peel and expect your skin to remain diplomatic about the situation.

So now you need to know about Paula’s Choice, the appallingly named, brilliantly effective, sensibly priced online range where you could easily and wisely do all your skincare shopping. Beauty School Dropout cannot recommend it highly enough.

But today’s focus is texture and so, welcome to the virtuous world of the Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid with Salicylic Acid. Applied like a toner, it just cleans everything up, evens everything out, smoothes, sluices pores and helps with breakouts. Excellent for mid-winter when we are all pasty cadavers; marvellous for mid-summer when we are all pocked and blocked with fake tan smearings. Do use with an SPF. But you already know that.

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, 118ml, £26

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