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Beauty School Dropout: Neostrata lifting serum

February is truly the winter of skin’s discontent. The complexion is never more confused than now: battered by chill, assaulted by heating, deprived by exhaustion, spotty from confusion, slack with defeat. ‘Is this just my face now?’ we wonder, despondently. Not necessarily.

Skin needs different things for different moods, seasons and shifts. Expecting it to react similarly month after month, year after year is a kind of madness. It needs soothing and stimulation. It needs kick-starting and calming down. Just like we do.

Beauty School Dropout is a little suspicious about the endless new serums that flood the market with their splashy, wide-boy claims. But NeoStrata’s Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum is the real deal. BSD has been using it for a week and feels radically more optimistic about the state of her face.

Right. So. This is about volumising, sculpting and re-texturising. The lifting effect comes from patented amino acid complexes that target collagen; the skin tone is renewed with Gluconolactone which exfoliates pores, clarifies texture and helps with pigmentation while Hyaluronic Acid plumps, hydrates and illuminates. BSD feels as though she has made quite the discovery. Looking in the mirror is suddenly less of an ordeal and the feel of her skin is smooth and grateful, frankly.

So, just because it’s February, don’t give up on the old visage. Winter isn’t a life sentence. It’s just a bit of a bastard and it goes on too long for skin to weather the storm unaided. Chuck it a bone. Good, effective skincare allows you to forget about your skin and get on with your day. After all, you have bigger fish to fry…

NeoStrata Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum, 30ml, £75

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