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Beauty School Dropout: Max Factor mascara

Beauty School Dropout has been basically married to this mascara since she was 15. She has affairs but she always goes back because it is cheap, the seal never breaks and she trusts it. It has a great brushy-brush, not a new-fangled plastic one (don’t trust them) or a funny-shaped one. The formula doesn’t flake and fattens while lengthening. If she loses it she doesn’t cry because it’s £7.99 and she actually has a spare, unopened one sitting in the cupboard which makes her feel very organised and rather rich, for some reason. It lasts all day and you can just keep lashing it on for more drama in the evening. Try the brown/black for flattering daytime make-up. It’s classier than bright black somehow, but just as fluttery.

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara, £7.99

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