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Beauty School Dropout: Malin+Goetz oil balm

Beauty School Dropout is wondering if these little eczema-style patches cropping up all over her face and body are the result of anxiety oozing outwards; being stuck inside with the heating on; drinking only coffee or the artificial glare of the screen from the relentless Zoom-ing. Obviously her hands are now gnarled and crepe -y with angrily glaring cuticles. Oh, and clearly unwilling to miss out on the parched party, her lips are now cracked and sore and UGLY JUST UGLY.

Sorry. It’s just there she was thinking she’d be drifting round the house in a perfect lawn nightie and picturesque cashmere cardigan that is much more alluring than your average cardigan and definitely not a waterfall cardigan, glowing. Her skin grateful for the release from the rough and tumble. This has not happened. She is stained and strained and withered.

But there is help at dry hand. Malin + Goetz recently launched a big, fat tube of Meadowfoam Oil Balm: one of those classic multi-taskers but better. It’s super rich but not greasy; made up of 17 botanical oils and butters that nourish and soothe. When rubbed in it melts to a kind of dry oil that is heaven for battered hands and confused skin. Cuticles slurp it up, as do elbows, knees and any of those random itchy bits. If your face is crinkling, try it as a face mask to help strengthen and protect your skin with meadowfoam seed, jojoba seed, avocado and safflower seed oils.

There is no sign of the perfect lawn nightie, but BSD’s hands are less angry and those weird, arid, red patches to one side of her nose and in between her eyebrows have receded. Which is a relief. And frees her up to panic about all the other stuff.

Malin + Goetz Meadowfoam Oil Balm, £38

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