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Beauty School Dropout: Mac Prep+Prime Fix+

Beauty School Dropout has never really bothered with fixer before. Just another thing to worry about. Another dust collector in an over-populated bathroom. But then two things happened. Firstly, she turned forty and (along with things getting stuck in her teeth) she noticed that whatever mascara she used, it tried to fall down her face within an hour which made her look and feel deranged. Secondly, it got hotter than hell in London and then everything fell down her face. Her face melted. She melted, her confidence melted. To sweat off make-up or not to sweat off make-up? If you are one of those lizards who blossom in the heat then fine. Beauty School Dropout is not. Oy.

MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ is a golden oldie. The fixer of make-up artists and pop stars alike. But it has recently been re-imagined with a slight – don’t panic – shimmer. This does not read as metallic but rather as an ultra-illumination. Spritzed on before make-up, it refreshes skin. And spritzed on over make-up it guarantees hold. Here’s the genius part – because of the heat, Beauty School Dropout is using powder to deal with shine but this can be ageing as it is so matte. This fixer, sprayed on top of powder, gives back a little liveliness to the skin. And, last week, at a party, despite a proper neck-and-forehead sweat situation, her make-up did not move. Not a smidge. This stuff is coming on holiday. This stuff is a face-saver.

Mac Prep+Prime Fix+ (shimmer), Goldlite, £19

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