Beauty School Dropout: LYMA

Supplements, eh? It’s the wild, wild West out there. Aisles and webpages and Instagram feeds filled to the brim with promises. And often all you get, with those promises, are low-dose, low-quality pills full of actively unhelpful rubbish like petrochemicals. And yet we buy and buy and spend and spend because we are tired and vulnerable. Until we are rattling with pills and yet our sleep is no better. Our aches still sting. Our PMT remains genuinely murderous and our anxiety? Well, you know the rest…. maybe it’s time to think again.

BSD has been taking LYMA for nearly two years. Full disclosure: it’s £150 a month for four capsules a day. Which is a lot. It’s also a lot less than she used to spend on an absolute cacophony of pills that did…. nothing, apparently. Whereas LYMA has almost created its own category of supplements. The best, patented ingredients delivered at the highest recommended doses in bioavailable forms that your body can effectively absorb. They are formulated to unlock our potential. Big word that: potential. Most of us are trapped in… existence.

LYMA’s results focus on six main areas: sleep, performance, focus, beauty, mood and stress. Also big words. But let BSD tell you this; she hasn’t had Botox in many months and people keep telling her how good she looks. She can concentrate again. Her back hasn’t ‘gone’ in a year. Most people testify that it has transformed their sleep (which gets particularly hairy during peri-bloody-menopause) but for BSD the biggest takeaway has been the way LYMA has clobbered her life-squashing anxiety and inability to cope. Problems seem surmountable. Logic is restored. Panic is at bay. Also she hasn’t had The Cold this winter.

There are supplements. And then there is LYMA. Utterly standout. Have they sponsored this newsletter? Yes. Would she have written this if they hadn’t? Also yes. Go figure…

PS. Is your face falling off? We hate to cast aspersions but, if you are looking less than peachy, why not enter our lovely LYMA competition to win a facial with world-renowned facialist Nichola Joss? Click here. T&Cs apply.

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