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Beauty School Dropout: L’Oreal Paris matte liquid eyeliner

Here is a secret: when you are over 30, do not use black liquid eyeliner. It’s ruthless. But believe BSD when she says this: dark colours will read as black. No one will look at you and think ‘Navy eyeliner! So dated! How awful!’ You must trust me on this because being stuck in a black liner look is the thing that will threaten your make-up relevance.

BSD has discovered the Matte Signature Liquid eyeliner by L’Oreal Paris and it’s the bomb. First of all the brush (brush-on liquid liners are scarier but actually easier than felt tip pen ones) is flexible but not wimpy for accurate but nuanced application – in other words, it’s simple to swoop on, rather than just drawing a shakey line while feeling terrified. In addition, the shades are incredibly useful. A marvellous burgundy to put stars in green eyes, a classy navy for glowy brown eyes and a forest green for bright baby blues.

And here’s another thing: liquid eyeliner on its own is a little gauche unless you are going for the full Winehouse. You need to go over it with a kohl to soften and deepen the effect and then again with an eye-shadow (in a similar but warmer shade) to diffuse and add real glamour.

BSD is currently limbering up for Christmas parties with the L’Oreal liquid liner topped with a Maybelline tattoo liner and set using a Charlotte Tilbury darkly glittering shadow. It’s good, guys. It might be the way forward for party eyes…

L’Oreal Paris Matte Signature Liquid Eyeliner, £8.99

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