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Beauty School Dropout: Living Proof dry volume blast

Fine hair generally makes every day a bad hair day. And historically, us limp-locked folk have two options: flat and lifeless (if a little wispy) or helmet headed – back-combed to the point of breakage and sprayed to set. Neither is quite the dream, now is it?

But technology and formulations have moved on and although you can’t change the hair you were born with, you now have choices: choices which add movement, volume and generally energise your hair while retaining a more natural, modern vibe.

Living Proof is a brand every fine-haired person should know about: effective, elegant and nicely scented, this is a range that tends to keep its promises.

So, this morning, with the usual five minutes to transform herself from troll who lives under a bridge to fully functioning human woman, BSD towel dried her hair, sprayed some volumising spray (John Frieda – from Ocado, of course) onto her roots and then rubbed a small dollop of Living Proof thickening cream through the rest of her hair; rough dried it for 30 seconds and left it. An hour later, when it was dry and feeling much more muscular than usual, she brushed it and sprayed Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast all over – from root to end – and then rubbed it about a bit. No blow dry. No back-combing. No skinny little pony tail. No stickiness or crunch. No tears. Just nicely, normal, swishy hair that genuinely looks like it has the will to live. Such a relief.

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast, 238ml, £23

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