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Beauty School Dropout: Leonor Greyl shampoo

Hair is rarely at its best when it’s squeaky clean. Particularly fine hair. Anyone with fine hair will know that blow dries are pointless because everything just… flops. Even those with horses manes probably enjoy that 36-hour-old grit that kicks in just before hair gets properly dirty.

This is why Leonor Greyl’s Lait Lavant À La Banane is such a revelation. And an expensive revelation at that.

This stuff describes itself as ‘gentler than a shampoo’, so it cleans but it doesn’t really clean. It is an oddly milky formula which hardly lathers but which removes grease and, along the way, adds volume and bounce. Never flyaway. Never weirdly badly behaved. It delivers predictable hair which – if your barnet is a bit of a difficult bastard – is the dream. And the smell is amazingly soothing: softly banana-scented in a way that is unexpectedly classy and soothing.

It is so expensive that Beauty School Dropout is trying to save it for party hair days only. But having well-behaved hair is so addictive that it is creeping into the everyday. This is one hell of a discovery. Expensive. But possibly worth it – if only for peace of mind.

Leonor Greyl Lait Lavant à la Banane Shampoo, 200ml, £24.30

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