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Beauty School Dropout: Josh Wood colour

Why is it that artfully grown-out highlights can look surfer-girl but neglected highlights just read as meth-head? How can it be that, while grey hair is often gorgeous, grey roots make us look and feel deranged? Roots lie at the heart of the lockdown beauty conversation. Not even ‘beauty’ actually… sanity. Big old Seventies bushes are quite fun and can easily be tackled with a razor/waxing strips/Veet should the urge grab us. But hair? HAIR? Do we lie down let the roots take over or do we risk a DO-IT-YOURSELF DYE JOB?

BSD has two words for you: Josh Wood. You log on to his website, complete a simple questionnaire and order your hair colour for under twenty quid. Any questions will be answered by a live team. If in doubt, go a shade darker because that will be simpler to correct on the other side. BSD painted the permanent colour on the roots and grey bits then whacked a colour-refreshing gloss on the rest to try to tone down the brassiness. A Josh tip is to use an old make-up brush to work the product into the roots. Half an hour of terror and… done. Shiny, natural-looking and impressive. Perhaps it lacks the nuance that highlights and balayage can deliver but life lacks nuance right now so who cares? This is classy stuff. A true trouble-shooter and, for some, the end of hundreds spent at salons or at least, a properly useful delay tactic. And, oh the sheer relief.

Josh Wood Colour Permanent Colour, £10

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