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Beauty School Dropout: Jones Road Face Pencil

Some products, you need to learn to use. WHAT A BORE, you howl, DON’T YOU THINK I HAVE ENOUGH TO DO? Yes. And sorry. But wait. Once you have learned to use them they deliver in such a way that will save you time, money and angst. Just bear with BSD for a moment…

As you will probably know, Jones Road is the brainchild of Bobbi Brown, founded on the philosophy that we don’t need more beauty products, we need better beauty products. And they are formulated according to their own, incredibly stringent, guidelines to eliminate harmful ingredients. And so they operate slightly differently from what we have become accustomed to. The Miracle Balm, for example, is part blusher, part highlighter, part moisturiser: confusing at first but satisfying once mastered.

But BSD is here to talk about the Face Pencil: part concealer, part foundation, part magic wand. Unassuming and rather unexciting to behold, this little pencil can be chalked all over the face and then blended in for a good, long-lasting base but that feels a bit arduous for me. So I use my regular tinted moisturiser and harness the power of the pencil on the redder bits around my nose, cheeks and chin; the bits that can look inflamed and old-farmer-lady-ish. I dot it on to spots where it is muscular, precise and doesn’t give up after half an hour to merely fall down my face. It works beautifully on any patches of pigmentation too, rendering itself (and them) immediately invisible.

And, just for fun, here’s a trick for fuller lips. After you have applied your lipliner, draw a little line of face pencil directly under the middle section of your lower lip and directly above the bow bit of your upper lip. Blend  – but not too thoroughly and ….ta dah! A much more pouty pout. A lip job, basically,

That’s the thing about this cunning little pencil. “What’s the point of this?”…swiftly morphs into…”I can’t leave home without it”.

Jones Road The Face Pencil – Everything Stick, £23

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