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Beauty School Dropout: Isle of Paradise self-tanning drops

Fake tan sometimes feels like just another layer of ick. More sticky stuff to pile on top of serums and moisturisers and… enough already. I’m sweaty. Which is where self-tan drops come in. You can still be married to your favourite moisturiser and body lotion but just add a drop of two of something magical to get the glow going. And this process has a nice, witchy apothecary feel to it as well. Like, all you’re missing is your cauldron.

Isle of Paradise drops are not only tanning and formulated entirely free of nasties, but they are colour correcting too. Which means that they contain a special complex to cancel out sallowness, redness and dullness. So not only are you browner, you are brighter and altogether perkier. The purple bottle supposedly delivers the darker tan but Beauty School Dropout finds that it is perfect for medium skin tones and… more drops equals more tan. So you can play.

Here’s the good bit: you know the leathery brown ankle and elbow patches that lazy tanning (who has time for exfoliating and a mitt?) can leave you with? Well, Isle of Paradise also sells Over It, an exfoliating glycolic micellar water which will simply erase any mistakes. So now you don’t have to hate yourself. Always a boon.

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops, 30ml, £19.95

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