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Beauty School Dropout: Hourglass eyeshadow

As the nights draw in, Beauty School Dropout is going for a rather dramatic and incredibly idiot-proof eye make-up situation. It goes a little like this: Three coats of mascara. A waterproof black eyeliner all through the inner corners of the eye (going about a third of the way in along the tideline) and a dot of something cheeky and luminescent right where the inner eye meets the corner of the nose. Something to lift the spirit. Playful. Feminine. Dancing against the true black of the mascara and eyeliner. Lifting the mood from femme fatale to flirty’n’foxy. Because, of an evening, that is kind of the aim.

Try Hourglass’s Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow for a product that stays put (it’s a cream powder) and doesn’t scatter across your face, making you look unhinged. The shades are flatteringly warm (don’t do silver or bright white FFS) like the pale bronze Reflect and the really rather grown-up Smoke. Hourglass is turning into one of those stealth brands that you realise is making your life slightly easier and slightly more glamorous. Now that is a combination not to be sniffed at…

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