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Beauty School Dropout: Hershesons almost everything cream

Being fine-haired and furious about it, Beauty School Dropout does not trust hair masks, serums, oils or creams. Absolutely not. They all just scream LANK and GREASY to us fine-haired femmes. Hand over the rough old volumising spray. Dispense the dry shampoo for grit and hold. So what if the result is more Seventies art teacher than 21st century siren; at least it’s not blah.

But wait. Hershesons’ Almost Everything Cream is weird. In a good way. It works. In a good way. To be honest, BSD only tried it as a favour to a friend who insisted. Tried it on a day when there was nothing to do and nowhere to go (sigh) because it was bound to be a… flop. Tried it because a tenner seems reasonable for high-end hair care and the Hershesons (two generations of fantastic West End hairdressers) know their stuff. Set aside her sprays and thickening lotions of old and rubbed in one pump of this – frankly untrustworthy – emulsion. And then did a careless two-minute blast with a hair dryer and sixty second whoosh with a hot brush (if you don’t have a BaByliss Big Hair, investigate immediately).

It works. It does. BSD’s fine, flat, disappointing hair was thickened, slightly lifted at the roots; polished and blunt at the ends. She was almost annoyed to have to admit defeat. You can whack on double the amount as a conditioning mask as well because, after all, it does do almost everything. What a pleasant, time-saving, money-saving, space-saving surprise. An almost everything mask for almost everyone. Even us fine-haired furies. Things need to be simple right now. Easy. And, with that in mind, this is a real find.

Hershesons Almost Everything Cream, 50ml, £10

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