Beauty School Dropout: Hairstory

What if you have a bad hair life? Flat, frizzy, lank, pathetic? What if every posh shampoo and extortionate styling product is merely a triumph of hope over experience? What if you are a vulnerable, desperate fine-haired women, flirting with the lunacy of spending £44 on a shampoo because it stalked you on Instagram and your defences are worn down by…bad hair.

I apologise for recommending a £44 shampoo, so let me start by saying that Hairstory’s New Wash is not a shampoo. It calls itself a hair cleanser because it doesn’t contain the harsh detergents and chemicals found in traditional shampoos. Its magic is to be found in an intricate blend of essential oils. Now, as I have said before: say ‘essential oils’ to a fine-haired person and they will generally run screaming from the room. But this remarkable stuff doesn’t make hair greasy. Quite the opposite. It brings wispy, flat hair to life. It lengthens the time between washes, so that the £44 stretches and stretches….

Beauty School Dropout should declare that, having discovered she was a devotee of New Wash, Hairstory have sponsored next week’s I’m Absolutely Fine! podcast. But she would have written about it anyway (as she has done before – don’t you love it when she talks about herself in the third person?) because it has lightened her load.

It doesn’t lather, which feels odd at first but, then, even without styling spray, hair feels more dynamic, volumised, less fried. Grown-up hair. Living its best life hair. Thank goodness something is going right hair. Cheap at the price.

PS: Follow this link for free shipping and a 15% discount when you join the Refill Club. 

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