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Beauty School Dropout: Glossier Generation G lipstick

You know how you feel when you have done a workout and then had a lovely bath with something scented and washed your hair and then moisturised and put on clean, non-disgusting and yet super-comfortable clothes? Well, Glossier is that feeling in make-up form. Easy, dialled down, low-level glamorous, fresh.

Their new Generation G lipstick is basically a blotted lip without the blot. They’ve pulled back on the pigment so that you end up with your lips, but pumped. Freshly kissed. A little more present. Utterly modern. Pouty but un-self-conscious and perfect for those of us who are a bit frightened of a full-on lipstick. It’s the suggestion of polish. The hint of colour. Whether it is the slightly rude raspberry of Crush, or the subtle terracotta of Cake, or the blood-flushed hotness of Jam.

So. You’re tired. You’re always tired. And you know by now that you should wear less make-up, rather than more, when knackered. So you pop on some tinted moisturiser (possibly Nars which is wonderful) and concealer (could be Laura Mercier, just saying) and a dot of blusher (Stila Convertible colour anyone?) and then you add mascara and a Generation G lip and off you go to cause HAVOC. Or just deal with the commute. But you get my drift…

Glossier Generation G lipstick, £14

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