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Beauty School Dropout: Glossier boy brow

Beauty school dropout is a brow bore. She is here to brow beat you into brow-mission. Because do not underestimate the extent to which eyebrows support the architecture of your face. Frame your features. Open your eyes. Melt away years and add élan. Not drawn-on arches but natural, textured, expressive swoops. Find a good threader guys.

Glossier is the latest hot New York export and it’s all about ease, gloss and enhancement. Rather than paint and artifice. Their Boy Brow product fills in the gaps in eyebrows left sparse by unwise plucking (oh, how we drunkenly butchered ours in the late Nineties) and wear ‘n’ tear. This mini brow mascara thickens, grooms and holds like a kind of latter day pomade. Very little tube, very little time and effort; huge, massive difference.

Glossier Boy Brow, £14

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