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Beauty School Dropout: Exfoliating gloves

Seeing as it’s holiday season, Beauty School Dropout just wanted to remind you lot of the existence of exfoliating gloves. No, they’re not glamorous. No, they’re not infused with organics and herbs and muds and salts. But they are weightless (baggage allowance), non-liquidy (hand baggage allowance) and they possess a no-nonsense brutality that really gets the job done.

Do not – I repeat – do not use these on your face. Too scratchy and bacteria-y. They do however beat the living daylights out of in-grown hairs or indeed, any of those lumps and bumps that start to lurk around the bikini-line from about day 9 of the holiday. Consider that problem dealt with. Really, really cheaply.

They are also excellent for scaley limbs and for getting the circulation pumping through the belly and bum. Luxurious? Not really. Effective? Amazingly.

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