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Beauty School Dropout: Essie expressie nail polish

Essie have launched a quick dry formulation called Essie Expressie because who has time during lockdown, to wait for our nails to dry? We are too busy panicking, trying to get to 10,000 steps (literally never) and reading recipe books (not cooking, just reading because it’s calming) to sit still for 15 minutes. In fact, the very idea of the sitting still situation has put BSD off attempting a self-administered manicure for, like, ever.

So it dries quickly. Great. And that also means that, the following day, when you look down at your desiccated hands (all the washing, can’t be arsed with cream) the next day and decide that now is not the time to draw attention to these gnarled claws, you can take it off (or pick it off) and you haven’t wasted too much time and effort.

But the main reason I am telling you about this range is because it includes the most sensational colour called Seize The Minute (Ha!) which is deeply chic and rather appropriate red. The thing about this red is that it is slightly off; tinged with a kiss of rust which has a rather glorious Seventies feel as well as being flattering to all skin colours. Far from being subdued, it is incredibly grown-up, cool and not so cheerful and festive that you feel… odd. Red with an almost imperceptible dash of brown. Fifth Avenue in 1977. Stalking to your liquid lunch before getting your hair done and being picked up by limo to go to Studio 54 where you will neither queue nor pay. That kind of red. Our kind of red. Right, Ladies? Of course, right.

Essie Expressie Quick Dry Formula Chip Resistant Nail Polish, £7.99

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