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Beauty School Dropout: Diptyque Shower Foam

I shaved my legs religiously for 15 years. And every single time I wanted to get laid or wear a short skirt to a party I was ‘in between’. Bumpy and lumpy and you practically had to take a Nurofen before you gave me a stroke. Nevertheless I persisted. And eventually I picked up a razor again. And here I am. Shaving.

But what about a really fragrant and gratifying way to shave your legs? Hello Diptyque Shower Foam Eau Rose, an infusion of roses (with Damask rose stealing the spotlight) that, when wet, transforms from a gel into a dense, old-fashioned foam. Smooth, scented legs. Or underarms. Or… Uniquely delicious. Ready for anything. Even if that’s just bed with a book. Please let it be just bed with a book.

Diptyque Shower Foam Eau Rose, £26

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