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Beauty School Dropout: Daniel Sandler watercolour gel

BSD is guessing that you need roses in your cheeks. A bloom. A nod towards the idea that life is worth living. A blush. A flush. A glow. And not the kind that screams ‘broken capillaries!’ Well here is the most sensational blusher: malleable but long-lasting; subtle but transformative; natural but sculptural. BSD never leaves home without it.

You may not have heard of Daniel Sandler; he is a kind of badly kept, insider secret for things like anti-redness primers and invisible concealers. Get to know him. He’s a mensch.

Anyway, his Watercolour Gel (this is not the liquid, although the liquid is fantastic but a little less idiot proof) Cheek Colour is a small tube of peachy perfect wonder. BSD uses Petal, a convincing pink that works as a discreet contouring tool when used with a good bronzer and highlighter (try Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow).

This gel works with the apples of the cheek to enliven the face extremely satisfactorily. Smile and dab and blend remembering not to take it in towards the nose (it will read as inflammation) or upwards over the cheekbone. It has the faintest shimmer – barely noticeable but rather radiant. BSD always feels rather hopeful when using this blusher. Strange but true – not to mention cheap at the price.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Gel Cheek Colour, £16.50

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