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Beauty School Dropout: Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body

Just because the sun is out does not mean you should reach for the fake tan. You may want to, because your legs/arms/entire self resemble flaking plaster with a tinge of ghostly green. But don’t. It’s too soon. Unless it is professionally applied by someone truly artful like Amanda Harrington (expensive and addictive) the fake tan will sit atop your pale, dry pelt – crusting around the elbows and knees. You need to let everything warm up and soften a little before you start trying to cheat the tan. Trust BSD on this. Give it a month. Or two.

But this does not mean hiding your fine self away. Oh no. It just means, start subtle and glamorous. Charlotte Tilbury’s Supermodel Body is a shortcut to glowy, contoured limbs and décolleté. Get back into an exfoliating and body moisturising routine and then rub this lotion in down the middle of calves for a highlighted, slimming radiance. This is basically a very refined skin-gilding system with caffeine and menthol to get blood flowing. Brilliant on all skin shades from palest to darkest because all it really does is make the best of what you have. It isn’t about stain, it’s about glory. Your body will look – and may even feel – happier.

Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body, 60ml, £45

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