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Beauty School Dropout: Charlotte Tilbury eye palette

Eyeshadow is scary, right? It’s for other people, right? Wrong and wrong, guys. You just need to start nice and easy: a bit of a neutral contour here, a flash of something illuminating there. A dot of sparkle in the inner corner of your eye (this is where the magic happens), a smidgen of smudged charcoal along the upper lid instead of the hard slash of a liquid eyeliner.

This eyeshadow palette is all about user-friendly colours. No silly surprises. Nothing to prove. No digging one shade down to the metal and leaving the others untouched. Get yourselves online and start studying Charlotte Tilbury’s make-up tutorials which take about nine minutes. Beauty School Dropout did this last Christmas. She studied the Rock Chick video, did her eyes accordingly (she is no artist) and headed off to a party where someone actually said, “Have you had a facelift?” Beauty School Dropout did not know how to feel about that. But, be assured, this is all the eyeshadow you will ever need. From subtle to sensational. And back again.

Charlotte Tilbury, Instant Eye Palette, £60

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