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Beauty School Dropout: Chanel waterproof eyeliner

Dramatic eyeliner is not for other people. It is for you. Beauty School Dropout is going to give you the secret to the laziest, most idiot-proof dramatic eye. Forget smoky. Who has time for smoky? And, the thing about smoky is, it is just as likely to go wrong as it is to go right and, after 35, a bad smoky eye makes us all look soooooo tired.

What you need is a waterproof eyeliner. Because smudged eyeliner reads as insane women. Remember your mother’s slightly tragic friend in the 80s who didn’t understand personal space and had wine breath and jangly bracelets? She had smudged eyeliner, right?

Try this Chanel Stylo. First of all, we all feel slightly better about life when handling Chanel and, secondly, it slides on and then doesn’t move. At all. Try a deep purple or dark blue which will look like black but is far more flattering and puts stars in your eyes. Use it on the inner corner of your eyes – the waterlines. It’s an odd sensation but it will deliver such a minxy definition that you’ll give up on complicated make-up. This is a subtle yet impactful trick. Classy. Flirty. French. Chanel. And now, slightly, you?

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof, £22

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