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Beauty School Dropout: Chanel liquid powder

Regular readers of this column will know that Beauty School Dropout is rather scared of lipstick but is constantly trying new ways to wear it. Or, more accurately, trying to discover a formula that feels possible. Neither news reader nor fancy dress-y nor impostor-y. Red-ish preferably, as neutral-y, nude-y, old-rose-y ones just feel a bit normcore. And purple-y, berry shades are just not on the agenda.

Bonjour Chanel’s new Rouge Allure incarnation which they have called ‘Liquid Powder’. There are various plums and pinks and gentle shades but BSD has rather fallen for number 954, otherwise known as Radical.

This is a smooth situation delivered through a tube and sponge applicator that gives a kind of blurred, freshly kissed effect with one, smudged-on coat. But, being a bit addicty, BSD kept on applying it and two coats gave a watercolour freshness – coral veering towards a true red – but entirely, pleasingly matte. One more coat and voila: a softly red lip. But somehow effortless. This is a great daytime lip solution. It feels powerful; in control; as though you’ve somehow got your shit together. Ahahahahhahaha. Try it.

Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder, £31

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