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Beauty School Dropout: CeraVe moisturising cream

When it comes to beauty, there are certain things it’s always good to have… hanging around. A spare mascara for that doom-laden moment when old-faithful’s seal breaks or the wand emerges bone dry or it smells a little mouldy. A spare bath oil for when you really and truly need a treat. A spare or travel hair dryer for the moment your old one fizzles out just as you’re getting ready for… something stressful. And a pot of CeraVe for when the skin on your body gets fed up with your winter neglect.

Because, oftentimes it’s just easier not to think about what lies beneath, isn’t it? As we peel off tights/trousers/boots only to replace them with pyjamas/tracksuit bottoms. Body cream in the morning is sweaty and in the evening is tiring and so, on we charge, until our body starts to itch or we try to go bare-legged or bare-chested to a party and… WTF? And sometimes your skin is so dry that it has a kind of blotchy, angry reaction to anything scented and posh.

CeraVe Moisturising Cream (for dry to very dry skin) is deeply soothing, utterly restorative, non-greasy, instantly absorbed, healing, effective, cheapish and brilliant. Keep a pot in the cupboard because you never know when you may need it. But know this: it won’t be a convenient time. It never is, now is it?

CeraVe Moisturising Cream Pot, 454g, £14.50

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