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Beauty School Dropout: By Terry foundation brush

Daytime foundation is a conundrum, isn’t it? First you’ve got to get the shade right so that you look neither chalky nor orange: Beauty School Dropout would always recommend going a quarter shade darker to avoid corpse-face and to leave wriggle room for skin warm-up. Then you have to get the texture right: not too dewy because of sweat-sheen, not too drying because of cracked, powdery Miss Havisham horror. Daylight is no longer our friend. Bastard. So, what to do when you reach that stage in your life where – in mid-winter – tinted moisturiser is no longer enough to give you the elan that you need to look like the capable (if slightly dehydrated) bitch that you are?

The By Terry Light-Expert Click Brush is neither new nor cheap but it is a wonder, treading that delicate line between tinted moisturiser and full-on slap. It is super-lightweight so your face doesn’t feel loaded-up with gunk. It smells out of this world (for half an hour or so after application you can smell your face which is nice. Weird. But nice) and is also idiot-proof. Blends, blurs, illuminates, kills excess shine and doesn’t deliver a death mask. All things good. It might be one of those can’t live without situations. For £48. Apols.

By Terry Light-Expert Click Brush, £48

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