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Beauty School Dropout: Brushworks tweezers

Has the time come for a wardrobe of tweezers? BSD believes that the answer to that question is a resounding yes for reasons of precision, artistry and dignity. Brushworks (vegan and cruelty free) do a pack of four excellent tweezers for between £5.99 and £7.99 depending on where you look online.

The little collection includes a slanted tweezer which is ideal for an eyebrow tidy; a straight tweezer and a slanted point tweezer – both great all-rounders from applying false lashes to attacking rogue chin hairs; and a pair of pointed tweezers which are what you should actually use for in-grown hair surgery. BSD knows that we don’t generally discuss this in polite company but, using fingernails alone will generally result in a sore, grisly and possibly scarred outcome. So, that’s why the pointy tweezers look scary – the job they have to do is emphatically not for the faint-hearted. Frankly, fastidiousness aside, it’s always good to have a few pairs of tweezers on the go because WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY when you need them? BSD has a friend who keeps them tucked into the armrest bit in her car. Very wise. But do not pluck chin hairs while driving.

  1. It is not a noble way to get arrested.
  2. If you crash the injury would be properly gruesome.

But BSD will certainly be planting a pair of her Brushworks tweezers in the car. For those early-for-meeting/supermarket-car-park moments when you feel a bristle or spot the start of a monobrow and just have to deal with the little bastard…

Brushworks HD Combination Tweezer Set – Mixed, £7.99

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