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Beauty School Dropout: Braun Epilator

Beauty School Dropout waxed her legs religiously for a decade. Fanatically. No razor was allowed near the careful guarded terrain lest… BRISTLE! Aggressive re-growth! BSD’s legs were the training ground for less hair here. It would surely, after the years and years of rolling waxing appointments, fade to a fine dusting of baby fluff. It did not. And every time BSD wanted to have sex who someone new or wear a short skirt, or go on holiday the hair was – inevitably – at that bastard in-between stage: too short for the wax to grip it but nonetheless visible and bumpy. Also in-grown hairs. Also diarising the appointments. Also the expense. Also the sheer frustration. Not any more. Enter the Braun Silk-épil Epilator.

Now BSD, like you, encountered the odd epilator during her school days and they were agony. Like, fling-it-across-the-room agony. Well, they’ve upped their game and they hurt far less than waxing, are quicker, work out massively cheaper and you can use them in the bath, charge them and pack them for a holiday, and they genuinely weaken the hair. Stubble is a thing of the past. Lots of people use them on under-arms and bikini but that is, TBH, a little punchy for BSD.

The epilator was one of those little tools that kept those of us in the know feeling human during lockdown. A semblance of grooming. A miniscule modicum of effort. And it doesn’t rip off real or fake tan either. A foot grater, an epilator and some decent body lotion and – frankly – we can all be ready for our public. For less time, less money and less hassle. And, since you ask, yes it works on hairy toes.

Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex 9002, Epilator with Flexible Head for Easier Hair Removal, £167.99

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