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Beauty School Dropout: Botanico Vida omega oil

One minute the skin on your body is fine and doing its job and not causing any trouble and – what with it being October – safely tucked away under cords and blazers and big, fat, softy scarf-y things. Nothing to see here. La la la la….

And the next minute the bastard skin is making all sorts of complaints: itchy, flaky, crepe-y and generally unhelpful. Isn’t there enough to worry about without your calves alerting you to their dryness by going all scratchy just as you’re trying to fall asleep?

BSD loves a body oil – they deliver a glow that cream just doesn’t. But who has twenty minutes to stand/lie/dance around naked waiting for the stupid stuff to sink in? And dry oils can be beautifully scented but do they really moisturise or is it more about the experience? Please discuss…

Actually don’t because you probably haven’t got time and because I have an excellent body oil to take the pain away. Botanico Vida’s Omega Oil, with its delicate citrus scent, is luscious without being oozy and skin sucks it up in seconds. An added bonus is the inclusion of 90 % fatty acids and Sacha Inchi, the Earth’s richest plant source of Omega 3-6-9 (as well as proteins and anti-oxidants), which makes it helpful with things like stretch marks, eczema, scarring and elasticity. Also, crucially, karma will be on your side, as this stuff is sustainably sourced and contributes to the reforestation of the Amazon. Your legs and the planet will thank you.

Botanico Vida Omega Oil, 125ml, £18.50

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