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Beauty School Dropout: Becca under eye brightening corrector

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we don’t have skull eyes. Baggage. Overweight baggage. Two bad words. On your face.

It’s a strange and unedifying thing, this under-eye situation because you never know when you will wake up with purple-ish bruises dragging your face into the mire; shadows that make you look slightly haunted – and not in a romantic way. Some are born with them, others ‘achieve’ them – neither is the dream.

And under-eye concealers are a confusing business because, more often or not, they do one of two things:

  1. Create a kind of mad, powdery under-eye halo that looks unnervingly alien-y.
  2. Somehow finds wrinkles you didn’t even know were there and then burrows into them, establishing new and interesting creases for all the world to see.

But not all under-eye products are created equal and having failed to find a concealer that works, BSD has landed upon a brightening colour corrector. And it’s a revelation.

The Becca (an un-shouty brand, but a make-up artist favourite) Brightening Corrector can be used under concealer (if the situation is chronic) or alone to just even out the skin tone. It provides a little boost that alleviates any heaviness – that ‘dragged down’ look that none of us ever aims for.

Once applied – with a ring finger – it stays there like a faithful spaniel. Just doing its job. And, BSD has found, if mascara starts to fall down your face in the humidity, a dot of this on a cotton bud will sweep the horror away. Also, the small pot lasts forever, making it sensibly priced too… One last word of advice, you may want to switch to the darker shade for holiday make-up. And then it will work as a light cover-up for the rest of your face too.

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector, £21

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