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Beauty School Dropout: Beauty pie brightening eye fix

Once upon a crossroads, Beauty School Dropout decided that she didn’t believe in eye cream. She decided that it was merely a cynical ploy to manipulate us into parting with our money. And she stopped using eye cream. Just like that. So there.

But then it came to pass that she started to wake up with black rings. And this skullish look – which, she should stress, was in no way romantic or thin – lasted all day. And got crinkly. Which was not the dream.

But neither was spending £50 on a pot the size of a small tomato. Or a large chocolate. So she went to Beauty Pie – a kind of beauty buyers club for aficionados who love luxury but don’t love the prices. A £10 monthly membership gives you access to make-up and skincare products manufactured alongside the big names but for a fraction of the price. For example, their QI Energy Brightening Eye Fix costs £8.23. The big brands should probably be rather worried.

This eye cream is loaded with anti-oxidants and toning ingredients to reduce puff, redness, shadow, wrinkle and generally relax and energise the under-eye area. Like yoga. Except BSD loathes yoga. And she loves this eye cream. Turns out eye cream is not a total rip off. Not always.

Beauty Pie QI Energy Ginseng Root & Ginger Brightening Eye Fix, 15ml, £8.23 (members price)

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