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Beauty School Dropout: Beauty Edit Mayfair brow setter

Beauty School Dropout doesn’t know or care how this stuff works because it simplifies and anything that simplifies is a win in her over-crowded, overwhelmed, forgetful books.

The Beauty Edit Mayfair brow setter (bottomlessly awful name – don’t be put off) is supposedly a clear brow gel. Well, nothing so special about that. But something in this formulation thickens the brows while grooming and setting them. Adding immediate polish. Instant refinement. It’s the sheer speed and lack of fuss that makes this a winner. BSD doesn’t have the time to bugger about with a brow pencil/filler/powder while trying to get out of the house in the morning. She is generally too sweaty and cross. So it’s tinted moisturiser and this brow setter in the bathroom mirror and the rest – if she can be bothered – on the bus. And lately, people keep telling her how good her eyebrows look. Which she really likes, actually…

Beauty Edit Mayfair brow setter, £25

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