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Beauty School Dropout: Batiste dry shampoo

Funny, isn’t it, how dry shampoo has staged a comeback. When BSD was growing up it was a sign of grubbiness that went with greasy skin and furry teeth. But now, for us grown–ups, it is a powerful ally. And none more so than Batiste, your common garden, bog standard, supermarket, high street chemist, three quid lifesaver.

We have flirted with more sophisticatedly scented dry shampoos. We have played with the pricier, more invisible dry shampoos. But in the end, what is on the Ocado order? What is in the Boots basket? Batiste. Because it is an old, old friend that does the job for three quid.

Listen, BSD is perfectly happy with the original green one. Yes it can leave a slightly white residue but, that’s only if you don’t brush it out with a bit of elbow grease. You will tend to find that the completely invisible one veers towards stickiness. The exciting thing about Batiste (particularly its ‘Volume’ version) is the way that it enlivens fine hair and reinvigorates old blow dries. For three quid.

The three quid thing is important because it means we are less likely to be stingy, and more likely to get the desired result.

Here’s a tip. If you are going out at night, wash your hair in the morning. Dry it. Then dry shampoo it. Then style it (who really does that?) and go to work. That evening, dry shampoo it again and ‘style’ it again, and your barnet should have real oomph. It’s not Barbara Cartland volume that we’re after, it’s the confidence that comes with hair that does what it’s bloody told for once. Batiste is your friend. Believe.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original, 400ml, £3.74

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