Beauty School Dropout: Bamford B Vibrant Shower Oil

BSD has always been scared of shower oil. I mean, how does that work? If you’re a squeaky-clean freak then what will slathering slippery, greasy, heavy unguent all over yourself do to your sense of rigorous, sparkling cleanliness? Where is the soap aspect in all of this? And won’t it come off all over the towels?

Showers have always seemed more a dutiful penance than a pleasure. But, seeing as baths are about to become too expensive to regularly contemplate, it was worth investigating ways to make a shower less perfunctory.

Bamford’s B Vibrant range is all about the energising properties of sun-filled natural ingredients and their shower oil harnesses vitalising peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary for a morning pep-up. You can rub a capful all over yourself before you step under the water and then – miraculously, to BSD at least – it transforms into a fragrant cleansing milk that lifts the grime out of your skin and rinses off leaving nothing behind it but softness. No gunk. No sliminess. Just scent and silk.

And, what with the clammy September mornings (yes, it’s fresh and mellow and fruitful and all that, but when you are hopping from foot to foot and running five minutes late, it’s sweaty) who has the time to rub in body lotion and wait for it to absorb? We spend half our lives waiting to absorb things: spiralling costs, old trauma, bad bloody news. Enough. And so the B Vibrant Shower Oil is a delicate revelation. It’s even given BSD the brio to finish the shower with a cold blast. Awful. But not that awful.

B Vibrant Shower Oil 100ml, £30 

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