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Beauty School Dropout: Avon mark mascara

Now Avon is not a brand I would generally rush to. It’s the hangover, isn’t it? The hangover from Avon ladies and coffee mornings and Tupperware parties. That suburban, faintly gentrified politeness that gives me a rash. My snobbishness. My problem. My loss. But still, Avon? Really?

Well, it turns out, yes. Really. I am constantly on the hunt for a masacara that works with long eyelashes. Long eyelashes are all fine and good but if the formula is too heavy they just clump. The mascara needs to thicken and separate as far as I’m concerned, whilst being agile enough to all lashes to be ‘pulled’ outwards for a flirty, almond-shaped affect.

Avon’s Mark Big & Extreme mascara comes in a cheerful, cheap-looking bright orange tube and does the job for £8.50. Really, gorgeously thickened, lengthened lashes. Maybe it’s my gateway drug. Maybe, by this time next week I’ll be head-to-toe Avon. And Boden. Stranger things have happened.

Avon Mark Big & Extreme Mascara, £8.50

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