Avène Very High Protection Tinted Sun Cream SPF50+ for Dry Sensitive Skin 50ml

Beauty School Dropout: Avéne Ultra Broad Spectrum Tinted Sun Cream SPF50+

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to think about SPF? Not a day cream with in-built SPF for wandering around on regular working days but a really muscular SPF that can stand the test of proper sun, proper heat and proper sweat? An SPF that isn’t chalky, doesn’t coalesce into those infuriating little balls taking your moisturiser with it. An SPF that doesn’t somehow migrate into your eyes making you blink tearfully, like a myopic bunny, all day long and into the evening. An SPF with in-built tint so that there’s no need for foundation or tinted moisturiser. An SPF that looks and feels wonderful but that also has your skin’s back.

Avéne is one of those elegant French apothecary brands that is a delight to use, doesn’t bankrupt us and does what it says on the tin. It’s sun protection range has been accelerating – in terms of both authority, efficacy and glamour – for some years now and their latest Ultra Broad Spectrum Facial Suncare is the best yet.

The new 50+ Unifying Tinted Cream is utterly excellent for slightly sensitive, slightly dry skin. It veils any redness for a unified, healthy complexion. It sinks in immediately even if you’re in a hot, sweaty hurry, delivering a smooth, velvety finish. Crucially, it offers the highest UVA, UVB and High Energy Blue Light rays (the lesser known skin enemy – hugely penetrative and damaging) with real, French lightness of touch.

So, as the heat rises…bin the day cream. Bin the tinted moisturiser and spend a bit of time with Avéne. It just feels so…simple.

Avéne SPF50+ Tinted Sun Cream 50ml, £18

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