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Beauty School Dropout: Avene tinted moisturiser

Tinted moisturiser is like Spanx for skin: There are times when we need it to look presentable. Times when foundation would just be too obvious, too ageing, too much. Sundays. Beach days. Picturesque bed days. Hangover days when too much slap makes you look 3,000. Tired days when you have to do your face with your eyes closed. Those.

This tinted moisturiser is Beauty School Dropout’s top tip for a stress-free skin summer. It has the sheerest natural tint for a perfecting veil, a matte finish to counteract shiny nose syndrome, a uniquely formulated anti-oxidant to protect skin cells from free radicals and broad spectrum defence for UVA and UVB rays. It’s water resistant so you can’t easily sweat it off and it’s incredibly blendable.

Beauty School Dropout is a big fan of Avene with its Evian-like, simple French appeal. Its high-end, high street price point makes it luxuriously doable and it’s an absolute winner for sensitive skin. Infused with soothing thermal water it never seems to irritate skin that is already on a short fuse.

And finally, it looks really rather glamorous on the skin. Radiant. Even. Smooth. Peachy. Perfect. Protected. Almost as though there was nothing there at all. Almost as though it was your actual real life skin…

Avene Tinted Mineral Fluid SPF 50+, 40ml, £17.50

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