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Beauty School Dropout: Amanda Harrington face mist

Generally, BSD has a rule. And that rule is that fake tan doesn’t generally work unless you have a base tan because it rather sits on the skin rather than assimilating. Also, streaks and blotches are harder to hide when you are at your palest, greyest, dullest. It just doesn’t tend to work.

But there are, of course, exceptions to every rule and the exception to this one is the Amanda Harrington range. Idiot-proof. Winter-wan-proof. Tired-proof. And tired-proof is essential because WHO CAN BE ARSED to exfoliate and then get a mitt out and polish and rub and generally do a workout in the bathroom.

The Amanda Harrington Face Mist has a fine, liquid texture that you spray onto an angled brush to buff over the bits on show in seconds. You then squirt a bit more and go again to give yourself cheekbones and a jawline. BSD uses double what the packaging recommends. Without a doubt, this stuff makes you more beautiful. Because fake tan is make-up and should be treated as such. Rather than just a coating. Ugh.

This is best applied at night as it turns one a faintly alarming colour. The body mousse is equally good and comes with its own, fatter, brush but this winter BSD is more concerned with looking alive and relevant around the face than fussing over ankles and elbows but, when she did take a couple of minutes to do her legs, the results were completely convincing. Listen guys, it’s only October, and this could be the thing to take us through the long, dark winter without frightening the children.

Amanda Harrington Face Mist, 75ml, £28

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