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Bare-naked sleeping, ladies?

Nightwear is quite tricksy really. It can make you look a bit deranged. A flowing Victorian nightdress is obviously heaven but a bitch to iron and perilous territory for fear of coming over all Miss Havisham (hand me my knitting and my hymen, would you dear?). All that slinky Bodas stuff is quite fun but braless it’s basically obscene so no answering the door to the Ocado man for you. Negligees etc.? Hmmm. Not sure what to say. Except that, for the average women they feel a bit….obvious. Old favourite stained brushed cotton/flannel is not going to do your relationship or your self-esteem that much good. Have you got any recommendations? Please share here.

But we don’t really need to worry. Because it’s actually better for us to sleep naked.  There is scientific evidence for this. So let’s just walk through the benefits and see if you are willing to relinquish the sweatpants.

Cooler skin means deeper sleep. Chuck away that duvet while you are there. Yes I know it’s July and we are completely freezing, and you don’t sleep anyway, but hey we’ll try anything to avoid the night spiral. Right?

You will burn calories. Hot on the heels of the news that a really hot bath actually steams the calories right out of you, a study claims that being cold boosts your metabolism: lower temperatures increased healthy fat that burned calories to keep you warm.

More sex. Obviously the rare sight of your naked form will be like crack to your partner. Obviously. And sex produces oxytocin, which is good for you.

Have we convinced you? Let us know here

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