Autumn Optimism

What with raw sewage in our seas, Truss & Trump, energy bills, war, floods and all the other global horror, the unnamed dread we’ve been pointlessly carrying around for years has now become very much named dread. As the seasons’ change – and in an attempt to put some positivity back into the world – we’ve dug really deep and found some simple things to feel good about…like

Jumper Joy

We like jumpers. There isn’t much that beats a good jumper. If you have a jumper on, it means there is no longer a crippling, crushing heatwave. If you have a jumper on, you could be out for a brisk autumn walk, or snuggling on a sofa. So go and have a check on your emotional support jumper, just to see if it’s ok and to make sure the moths haven’t got it. Because you’ll be wearing it soon. In fact, soon you’ll be wearing all your jumpers at once.

Feral Feet

Time to let your feet go feral. Oh, the joy of being able to scratch a leg itch with your heel in bed. Of being able to hide your hairy toes in socks and shoes. The pressure of a pedicure is no more. Also we can wear sandals with socks again? Is that allowed?

Bread of Heaven

Comfort eating is back. It’s a lot harder to justify emotional eating in the summer. But hello again, bread. It’s all better done in the dark, when what happens with you and the fridge is between you and God. And she doesn’t mind.

Back to Bed

Soon it will be ok to go to bed at 8pm because it will already have been night for four hours. November 8pm is the summer equivalent of midnight. Look at you, staying up so late. Rock and roll. Time to get totally tucked up.

And that’s a wrap

Holiday Instagram pictures are over. For now. Hop on the The Midult Instagram to find (angry, anxious) solace…

Season of Goodwill

Christmas is nearly over. Only 109 nervous breakdown days to go….

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