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Are you even…

Are you in an ever-evolving existential crisis? Do you find yourself battling with the concept of your own identity? Us too. WE are in deep, deep, deep, philosophical mode. Asking the big questions. Like…

  • Are you even a feminist if you don’t tell angry-looking men that they are much prettier when they smile?
  • Are you even woke if you don’t refer to Bradley Cooper as Man Gaga?
  • Do you even take the tube if you don’t passively aggressively fume every time you get hit in the face by someone carrying a backpack?
  • Are you even open-minded if you don’t see that people who wear pyjamas in public are living life to the fullest?
  • Are you even a grown-up if you don’t walk into other people’s bathrooms and wonder where they hide their anti-depressants?
  • Do you even work in an office if you don’t complain about the temperature all day?
  • Are you even relaxing if you are not dressed like you live under a bridge and demand riddles for people to cross it?
  • Are you even a grown-up if you don’t moan about being tired every second of every day?
  • Are you even in an airport if you don’t eat everything you can get your hands on because airport calories don’t count?
  • Are you even on a trampoline if you don’t slightly wet yourself?
  • Are you even normal if you don’t keep all the old cables in your house just in case someone comes round with a Nokia and needs to connect it to a fax machine?
  • Are you even a woman if you don’t reject clothes that spark joy in favour of clothes in which you can pause in a doorway, look over a shoulder, and utter something devastating before exiting?
  • Do you even get an organic vegetable box if you don’t cry every time you get a turnip and then order Deliveroo?
  • Are you even trustworthy if you followed your heart and it didn’t lead you to the fridge?
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