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Are you absolutely fine?

Are you absolutely fine…but? But. BUT. Hmmm. Last year we launched a podcast to discuss all those… buts. The triggers. The scars. The joys. The unfiltered fuckery that we deal with inside our own heads every day. Because we are interested in the rhythm of everyone’s day. The tiny crossroads that take us from The Brink to the land of The Overwhelm. The anxieties that are funny in their madness, corrosiveness and sheer bleakness. And we are interested in the common ground – because there is so much. “If we’re not in it together,” we say, here at The Midult Asylum, “we’re not in it at all.”

And, much to our surprise, Series 1 went to Number 1. The guests – Anya Hindmarch, The Scummy Mummies, Martha Lane Fox, Bella Freud and more were wise and compelling and it turned out that people loved hearing these ‘winners’ talking about their own vulnerabilities, absurdities and formulas with us. We nosed out way through their make-up bags and generally made nuisances of ourselves.

And then we thought… Series 2? Why the hell not? But let’s dive deep. Let’s really interfere. Let’s go through people’s handbags. And not the dainty little clean clutches. The big, bottomless horrors full of shame. Make-up mogul Charlotte Tilbury, interiors guru Rita Konig, Restauranteur Thomasina Miers and Slay in your Lane game changers Elizabeth Uviebinene and Yomi Adegoke are among those reckless enough to allow us to rifle through their bags and their lives.

So, tune in, if you feel alone. Or bored. Or cross. Or absolutely fine. Tune in and see if any of it resonates. Because, it seems, we are all more alike than we are unalike. And sometimes it’s fun to know that even famous pillars of society have disintegrating tampons blended with strands of tobacco and a layer of hair at the bottom of their bag.

Series Two of I’m Absolutely Fine is bravely brought to you by Hush: Laid-back style for rebel women. 

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