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Are you getting ruder?

Every generation grows out of thinking that they invented sex, and into thinking that the world is getting ruder. Going to the dogs. Ain’t what it used to be. And all that jizz.

But from where I’m sitting, the world is getting better at the shortcut to communication that good manners provides. The world is getting politer. Yes, we are on our phones all the times but we, generally, are liking things and posting appreciative hearts and saying, ‘Have a nice day, sir’ to Uber drivers (partly, it is true, to try to boost our rating on the app and thereby ensure speedier pick-up). The world is getting politer and I am getting ruder. To strangers. Are you?

I don’t even think it is grumpy old woman territory. I don’t think that ‘the young’ are disrespectful and I am not deaf (although sometimes conversation can be drowned out by the ringing in my ears) but I am busy and tired and worried. I think I may swerve grumpy old woman in favour of mad old women wearing purple and singing to myself. But in the meantime I am a moody Midult woman. The world may be getting more courteous (except for people who work in airports) but I am getting ruder.

Hurry up. Move out of my way. Must you? No, that’s not at all what I’m looking for. We ordered hours ago. Can you please give that 10-month pregnant woman your seat, man in cheap suit avoiding eye contact? Fuck you white van man. And that’s a quiet Monday morning. See? Ruder. And not ashamed.

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